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Raury: All We Need

Two years ago no one knew about a nineteen year old rapper and singer Raury. Also thanks to a solid mixtape Indigo Child – on which he came with peculiar fusion of rap, folk and gospel – he quickly got into the higher circles. His star is slowly rising and he is facing a tour with names like A$AP Rocky or Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. 

Besides his very young age, the cards play for Raury for more important thing – he knows what he wants and knows how to get it. Altough, he started his musical career as an average rapper in adolescence, he has quickly absorbed influences even outside the genre. Albums of interprets like Bon Iver, Fleer Foxes or Father John Misty helped Raury to cut out of the tendentious rapping and invent his own musical universe. With each new song, he gains new producer experience and there is no doubt that in the future he will come with even better albums that the new All We Need. Raury has an extraordinary ability to connect sensitive folk with rap – genres that stand on different musical principles. Talent from Atlanta has found the point of contact between the two in their story, mythology and generational confession. Like 2pac in the 90s, he returned to play the theme of faith and religion. Altough, Raury´s texts occasionally emit a certain neo-hippies, they act very maturely. Based on the texts you would hardly guess the young age of Raury.

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