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Sennheiser Orpheus: Million dollar…headphones!

Who wouldn´t know Sennheiser, the German manufacturer of high quality audio equipment with seventy years of tradition? Throughout its years, the company introduced considerable number of innovative products to the world of high-end audio. One of them were also Orpheus HE90 headphones. Two decaders ago, limited edition of 300 pieces were made for almost 400.000 CZK/piece. Starting this week, Sennheiser offers new (literally million-worth) headphones in a new look and with new technologies. orpheus-product-sennheiser-470x342

The price of the new Orpheus are really around 50.000 EUR and are considered the successor to the legendary Orpheus HE90. They are the epitome of the same spirit and contain as much technology as it is possible to place in a small box. The set includes headphones, amplifier and DAC. The amplifier is of course made of Italian marble. Components are made of gold, platinum and ceramics for maximum conductivity and performance.

New Orpheus are not exceptional only by its appearance but also for their unusual use of two sources of amplification – digital amplifier and 8-tube amplifier. This is also one of the factors why new Orpheus are completely different than any other headphones on the market. Since the signal is amplified close to the end output, the user is freed from the surround noise or signal loss. This is only possible with all-in-one systém, such as new Orpheus.

The only thing not included in the Sennheiser set is your music. Thanks to several inputs on the back of the amplifier even this will not be a problem. The market will probably welcome the new headphones in the middle of the next year and will be produced at maximum amount of 250 units per year.



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