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VJ Suave: A bit different videomapping

Vj Suave is an artistic duo, coming from Sao Paulo, that started their cooperation in 2009. As the duo says they communicate with people through drawings, animation and poetry. Their projects are presented all around the world, however, these are not classic videomappings as we already know…

For their projects, Ygor Marotta and Ceci Soloaga, use two tricycles equipped with projector, battery, speaker and computer with animation. They are used so that short animated poetry can travel through space and illuminate areas that can be normally seen in the streets, but are hard to imagine to be used as screens for the story.
Projections are pictured on walls, lakes, sidewalks or even on the audience. The duo has a prepared videoes on both tricycles that can be manipulated and changed in real time and thus they can easily cooperate with the audience. The latest project called Suaveciclos was already seen in Russia, Luxembourg, Germany, Brazil or Slovakia.

Among the older projects you may find Homeless introduced in Sao Paulo; Folclore Digital directed mainly at children; or projections in nature called La Cena.

For more information about the projects of the duo VJ Suave please click here.


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