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Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams

During their almost twenty-years-long career, the British Coldplay managed to become the most popular pop-rock band in the world. They achieved nearly all the commercial succecces that are in the era of the overtransformed music possible. From the originally brit-pop band with elements of rock, Coldplay have turned into a boyband of the 21st century. No matter how hard Martin´s boys try to have the image of „sunny-happy“ band, we must admit, that from the recently released album A Head Full of Dreams we feel primarily their tiredness. 

Coldplay, like their colleague Adele, decided to release a new album just a few weeks before the end of the year. The reason is obvious – Christmas is coming. Even though it may sound like nonsense, even in 2015 the largest profits to publishers came from physical media. Last year´s album Ghost Stories was the „most courageous“ that the band has released. This „after-break“ album was mainly a deviation from the topic of celebration of life that Coldplay outlined on their album Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends. The new album A Head Full of Dreams is no different in this aspect and a person perhaps only asks a question of „why“. A desperate attempt to repeat the formula, that had worked in previous years, makes the seventh album the weakest of Coldplay´ discography. And not just for a tons of „hymn tunes“, even not for its teenage versification as for Chris Martin´s singing: “And I feel my heart beating, oh, you make me feel like I’m alive again .“ Nevertheless, the brand Coldplay is so strong, that only few people will bother with the fatal lack of new ideas. The less the fans, who will find the new CD under the Christmas tree.

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