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News from Amphion: Argon 3S!


Finnish Amphion is not only a manufacturer of loudspeakers for home use, but is known also for its products utilized in recording studios. Especially then One18 was in the last years one of the most talked Amphion speakers ever. It is worth mentioning its prestigious TEC Award nomination.



As the producers stated: „ In order to give our home customers access to the unprecedented naturalness and musicality of our studio monitors, we have decided to incorporate the ideas to the Argon3 with accelerated pace. For increased midrange clarity and tight tuneful low reaching bass, the new Argon will have the passive radiator technology from the studio monitor line up.“

Argon 3 was one of the best bookshelf speakers. With his innovations a new Argon 3S has been developed, which comes up with even more quality and better performance.
New Argon 3S are available from 58.000 Czk.

For technical specifiactions please visit Amphion.



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