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The Lobster: An Unconventional Love Story

The first English-spoken movie by Yorgos Lanthimos – the Greek director known for his 2009 iconic minimalist film Kynodothas (Dogtooth) – has gained very warm reviews of critics and the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival.

The image sparked both controversy and admiration especially for its absurd world in which it takes place; and amazed by its initial premise – if you die single, you have exactly 45 days in the after-death-hotel to find your soulmate. If not, you will be transformed to an animal for after-life.

Besides the existential questions – that are brought up by this ridiculous and utopian piece – the movie is full of humor and inappropriately large dose of bizar and absurd. Although the movie begins at a brisk pace, it gradually becomes weaker which is luckily rescued by the presence of excellent actors – Colin Farrel and Rachel Weisz as main characters. In other genious mini stories you will find for example John C. Reilly, the latest Bond girl Léa Seydoux or Ben Whishaw, who pretends a nosebleed to get married. In most of the scenes, the greek cinematographer Thimios Bakatakis has used only a natural light and has given each frame almost a painting composition – be it a gray Dublin, wild Irish landscape or Wes Anderson´s hotel interiors where the scenes are always accompanied by fatal classical music. On the other hand, on a film soundtrack you will find songs of Nick Cave sung by Colin Farrel or electronic music of silent disco.



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