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Kendrick Lamar: untitled unmastered.

Within few years, Kendrick Lamar has managed to get from the crime-torn Los Angeles suburb Compton to the imaginary throne of embattled rap. With the album Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City from 2012, Lamar made clear that he will be reckoned in the future. Last year´s album To Pimp a Butterfly, in which Lamar paid tribute to the black musical tradition from g-funk to Coltrane free jazz, has definitely ranked him among the absolute elite of rap.

While the release of To Pimp my Butterfly was accompanied by massive promo, this year´s album untitled unmastered. Came like a bolt from the blue. Nevertheless, that feeling of surprise and randomness may be a part of a long-term marketing plan. This hypothesis is supported by the fact, that all the songs of the new album, which arose during the recording of To Pimp my Butterfly, are missing a title. The only differentiating factor is the date or period of origin. The album may perhaps arouse a feeling of false banality. If anything goes in direct conflict with what Lamar makes clear in the past five years, it is the ordinariness and incompleteness. In some moments, the last year´s album struggled with lofty ambitions; untitled unmastered. Is sonically coherent album, that, at best, builds on its predecessor. Lamar again mixed a heady eclectic cocktail, which affects perhaps all vital that African Americans have brought to music in recent decades. In this flashback, Lamar is especially building a monument of his own talent.

The new album untitled unmastered. can be found on Spotify:



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