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Classical music concert in the comfort of your home? Vážný zájem offers more!

Although the concept of home concerts is nothing new in the world, Vážný zájem (free translation: classical/serious interest) is the first such project in the Czech Republic. The project aims primarily to promote interest in classical music. At the same time it wishes to connect your friends, neighbors and musicians.

The classical concert hall is replaced by a pleasant home atmosphere. Therefore, the concerts have more intimate and friendly impression. The capacity of concerts is, of course, limited by the capacity of the space and the desire of the host.


How to get involved?

There are three options how to get involved in Vážný zájem. You can participate as the aforementioned host. It does not matter whether you are a regular visitor of classical music concerts, or you want to overcome myths and give classical music a chance. With Vážný zájem, you can organize such concert in your home.

Can you play a musical instrument? You can also get involved as a musician! On April 30th, well-known cellist Tomáš Jamník, together with his wife Eva Jamníková will show their musical skills. On May 14th, wait for piano trio Bartoš-Špaček-Jamník. You can participate as a student or amateur, as well.

You do not have a suitable home and cannot play an instrument? Never mind. You can still participate as listener.


The project Vážný zájem has entered a difficult task – connect musicians, listeners, friends, known and unknown, and thus revive the Czech cultural world in an unusual way. Support this great idea! Serious interest also on and Facebook.
More information and a registration form can be found on the official website of Vážný zájem. Connect with people in your neighborhood to share an interest in classical music!



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