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Suburra: money, power, mafia…

… drugs, church, politics, crime and the Italian coast of Ostia within seven days. Suburra offers a „typical mafia drama“ but with at least a few significant formal elements – from bold styling, excellent cast, to noticeably loud soundtrack. The director Stefano Sollima, does not meet the standards of typical festival successes from Italy, such as movies of Paolo Sorrentino or Nanni Moretti. Rather he created a feature movie, based on the tradition of TV crime series – his mob saga Gomorra can be seen on Czech TV as well.

Suburra relies primarily on a dense atmosphere and harsh scenes without scruples. Ingenious soundtrack composed by French duo M83 is imaginative and striking and would certainly work as an independent music album. Nevertheless, it fits the movie perfectly. Sinister electronic music sometimes strangely highlights, as well as a significant tendency of stylization up to neo-noir methods, such as the ubiquitous rain. The image is based in movie-well-known Rome, from where it shows not only the sunny plaza and a turbulent sea, but also the dark night streets. The story across social spheres accompanies both gold luxury palaces and spurious greenish flats and bistros. Thrilling dialogues, taking place in almost grayscale, address the transformation to Italian Las Vegas, so there is also a taste of blinding color party alá Great Beauty.

Convoluted story follows the relationship between corrupt politicians and mafia bosses and clasically demonstrates the consistency of the top brass and the dirtiest drug-addicts. In a short time with relatively fast pace, the story introduces a pile of figures, each caring a specific microstory within a tangled web. A great emphasis was also placed on actors: from American-favorite Pierfrancesco Favino, Italian-favorite Elio Germano, to almost unknown Greta Scarano in an important female role with a very interesting progress throughout the film. If the jumble of characters was too chaotic, we recommend to look forward to 2017, when Netflix (who financially contributed to the production of the film) will also introduce a TV series Suburra.



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