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James White: Character is born in the darkest moments.

James White – irresponsible twenty-something New Yorker – futile in all directions, frequently facing the reality through alcohol, sex and drugs; yet he cannot escape an increasingly urgent role of the son of a sick mother. Another boring movie about the weight of responsibility and maturity? No!

According to the synopsis, James White could fit in the bulk of festival movies, but all the awards from the festivals are only justified. James White is a feature-length directoral debut of Josh Mond from American indie group Borderline Films, whose films include the indie hits like Simon Killer or Martha Marcy May Marlene and who pay attention to all-sides-pimped-work.

Already the very first scene taking place in a club, has not been shot in whole-image but only showing great details of James´s desperate, sweaty face and incredibly realisticly even somehow less beautiful aspects – theft, embarassment and perhaps a skin soaked with alcohol. Intense camera is a piece of handy Hungarian cinematographer Mátyás Erdély, who caught our attention with last year´s captivating images of Son of Saul. In the role of James you will see Christopher Abbott, known as a-small-belly-guy in the little role of the HBO series Girls. James White is unbelievably believable character, to which we are able to empathize in all his misdeeds – such as a job interview, for which he is late soaked with alcohol with a bottle of water in hand; or situation when he loses the nerves with a teenager on a strange high school party. The movie plays on a more serious note in its second half, where the character of James´s mother Gail is taken into more details – played by Miranda from Sex and the City, Cynthia Nixon. Equally interesting role is the one of wise best friend, Nick, played by Scott Mescudi – better known by his stage pseudonym Kid Cudi – holder of two Grammy awards and well-known hip-hop musician. The music of Kid Cudi has been a great inspiration for the director while writing the screenplay. His music will appear on the movie soundtrack as well.

Premiere of James White in the Czech Republic: 14. 4. 2016



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