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Must see: The unique performance Zářící město

House meetings, flickering TVs, loud neighbours. The dream of Swiss architect Le Corbusier, who considered the Radiant City (Zářící město) as „green living for all“ has faded. Mass construction of housing estates in the socialist era, however, provided the home for a third of the population of the post-war Eastern Europe. Radiant City has also become a topic for a unique multimedia site-specific performance of the Czech director Jan Mocek and Táňa Švehlová.

In 2015, the duo has introduced a videowalk called Play Underground. The performance, Zářící město (13th-15th of April) will be even more interactive.

Experimental sound performance for three actors meets somewhere between theater and soundart. It tells the story of three characters on the background of broader societal changes. Zářící město is primarily based on the auditory part and via triple-channel headphones the viewer can switch between different storylines.

„We primarily learn about our neighbours from „panelák“ through the sounds coming through the thin wall. Our intention was to create a performance, which will be based on the auditory part. Therefore, we chose the transmission of three sound tracks through triple-channel headphones, which also give the viewer a chance to interactively switch between the simultaneous sounds and compose his own story. No viewer will see the whole show, but only its parts. Housing estates (sídliště) have fascinated us with its aesthetic that creates a unique stage design, as well as with their mass scale. Just look out of the window, it will give you an information about the TV channels. It is such a state within a state, a city within a city“, says Jan Mocek, one of the authors of the project.


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The unique performance will take place in the courtyard Vybíralova, in the housing estate (sídliště) Černý most this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 8pm in the Czech language. Find out more here.
The capacity of the performance is limited by the number of headphones. Book yours for a symbolic amount at



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