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PJ Harvey: The Hope Six Demolition Project

Just recently, the icon of alternative rock PJ Harvey broke the half-decade long silence with a new album. Previous album Let England Shake was not only a committed meditation on the rate, which her homeland took in the 21st century, but also a turning tendency toward empathy and altruism. The 46-year-old singer continues in this mood on her new album The Hope Six Demolition Project.

The main difference between the two albums is their geographic focus. While at Mercury Prize winning record Let England Shake PJ Harvey dealt with problems of her beloved country, on the new album (9th in a row) she expanded her map to the whole world. Not once she sends hatred towards USA and its hypocrisy regarding spreading democracy and combating poverty. Even in the title song The Community of Hope as she would say – the darkest place is under the candlestick. But this time, her engaged songwriting is not a deep insight into the complex geopolitical situation; it transformed into mosaic activism, whose key message is that the great powers should not close their eyes before their own problems. Although it can no be said that PJ Harvey switched strictly to primary testimony, but still an aura of disappointed expectations hangs above.




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