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Anifilm 2016: It’s time to end the “disneyness”!

Last week, total of 405 animated films of different origins and lengths we introduced during the Anifilm festival in Třeboň. The international jury also awarded the best feature film for adult and child audience.

The award for the best feature film for adults was given to Anomalisa of Charlie Kaufman and Duke Johnson. Charlie Kaufman made his debut in 2008 with movie Synekdocha, New York and before that he wrote the screenplays for similarly complicated feature films such as Michel Gondry´s Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Anomalisa is his first animated movie, which perfectly corresponds with the content. The hero of the movie is a life coach and author of the book on proper functioning of a customer service – Michael Stone. He suffers from a strange Fregoli syndrome and does not recognize people´s faces. Besides the idea to use rather stiff puppets than actors to picture the subject of crisis and search for identity; the director made all the characters of the movie, apart for Michael´s partner, to have the same voice. The movie may seem a bit short (or vice versa long) but in any case it is exceptional, and its worth seeing not only for the sake of animated sex scene.

Phantom Boy – awarded feature movie for children – is a story of 11-year-old boy Leo, who is chained to a hospital bed, which does not stop him from helping a police officer Alex to solve a criminal case.

A black hunting comedy Happy End won an award for the best student movie. The director Jan Saska is a student of Prague FAMU and his piece will be screened under the section Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in Cannes.

One of the most interesting guests of the festival was a jury member Jan Pinkava, who studied IT and whom we rather know as a director of animated movie Geri´s Game about an old man playing chess with himself. This short movie, made for Pixar in 1997, has earned Pinkava an Oscar award.

His next theme – on movie Ratatouille – has been directed by someone else after Disney bought Pixar. In 2006, Pinkava went to work for Google, where he focuses on a project that was introduced during Anifilm. This new technology uses smartphones for shooting interactive movies and basically gives a chance of small virtual reality directly in your phone.



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