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American Honey: Love, life, money and America

America as a nation of fulfilled dreams, Shia LeBoeuf as a sexy homeless and a story of one carefree van of futile teenagers. Possitive reviews and the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival indicate the craft qualities of the movie. Nevertheless, American Honey is primarily a movie, that is fine to look at. Ultimate road trip is a very personal form of the American dream, and especially by the essence of label „white trash romance.“

The movie opens with a peculiar scene where an eighteen-year-old southern Star digs in the trash can with her younger siblings. When Shia LeBoeuf offers her a job of pedlar, Star leaves the family and takes the worst and the best adventure of her life. The director Andrea Arnold, following her previous successful movies as Red Road and Fish Tank, only proves that the themes of broken hearts and lost girls are still close to her, but as well proves the fact that her creativity and a sense of beauty do not leave her. On the biggest trip, full of intense colors, poetic images and captivating details, she takes the viewer as well. The authenticity is ensured primarily by the incredible cast, including the major non-actress Sasha Lane – Star being her first role. Supossedly, Andrea Arnold first saw her while sunbathing on the beach and immediately invited her to audition. However, Sasha does her non-experience catch by cheeky, specific beauty, conviction and incredible believability. The same can be said about the entire crew of the van. The crew of unkempt, tattooed, tanned and in every directions charming teenagers is led by brilliantly annoying Riley Keough (known from The Runaways or last years Mad Max) and by her boyfriend Shia LeBeouf, who most probably casts himself as being an insane attractive fop prone to aggression.

Extreme portion of swag offers the soundtrack full of deep, bass lines and rough rap. The soundtrack does not only fulfil its original intent, but creates soundtrack that fits the lives of the characters: Every car trip, every job, every party is accompanied by Mildred Hill & Patty Hill, Rae Sremmurd, E-40 or Ciara, and you´ll leave the cinema humming these songs. Mazzy Star or Bruce Springsteen are not missing the scenes of the wind in hair and romantic moments and of course you´ll get even melancholic American Honey. The largest party for the hard-core hip-hopers begins when Rihanna starts to play.





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