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French elegance: Aëdle ODS-1

For almost a year, Aëdle kept in secret a new product in form of dark and blurry photos. Months of tuning the details and craftsmanship paid off and the French manufacturer of unique and distinctive heaphones is back with a novelty! To the existing model VK-1, Aëdle introduced smaller in size ODS-1.

As the manufacturer stated, the ODS-1 are hybrid inear headphones, conceived for audiophiles on the go. The body is made of moulded ABS and machined Aluminium. Inside, a dynamic driver delivers robust and warm lows while yielding to the clarity and high output of a one-way balanced armature driver. It also features a MMCX detachable cable.
Aëdle always places a great emphasis on details and so even the hooks are coated with hand stitched calf leather from Venice, Italy, for maximum comfort and elegance.

The headphones are available in three basic models, just as it was at the beginning of VK-1:

  • Classic model of natural brown leather and silver elements
  • Legacy model of black leather and silver elements
  • Eclipse model of black leather and silver minor elements

For more information please visit our showroom or Aëdle official website.


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Aedle Classic
Aedle Eclipse ODS-1 pair
Aedle Eclipse detail
Aedle Eclipse inside
Aedle Eclipse
Aedle ODS-1 pair legacy
Aedle Legacy detail
Aedle Legacy inside
Aedle Legacy
Aedle Classic ODS-1 pair
Aedle Classic detail
Aedle Classic inside



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