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Solange: A Seat at the Table

The singer Solange Knowles has been in the shadow of her famous sister Beyoncé for many years. Nevertheless, from the thankless role of „the other,“ Solange made a benefit and decided to give up on the pop charts and went deeper intowaters of black music – on her third studio album A Seat At a Table Solange proudly walkes towards her own glory.

Her concept of „black music“ is more complex than older sister´s – here lurks a link of 60s Motown sound (Where Do We Go), there you can hear hints of 70s funk (Junie) and synthpop of the eight decade (Don´t You Wait) comes to play as well. She does not even forget about the present – you´ll hear rapper Lil Wayne or soul-singer Sampha hosting the album.

The album is mixed with snatches of conversation with rapper Master P, commenting on the current situation of black America. Activist dimension of the album does not disrupt but rather highlights the music that is already somehow political by itself – as it revives neglected corners of the African-American tradition. Altough Solange has a similar voice color as Beyoncé, she is definitely less predictable. If it is necessary to compare with someone, it would rather be Erykah Badu – like her, with A Seat At a Table, Solange has created from fragments of the past a whole new world.



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