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Little Simz: Stillness in Wonderland

Two years ago, the crowded Prague´s club Chapeau Rouge waited for her concert for more than hour, but once she flew onto the stage, all was forgiven. Little Simz is a rap article of the highest quality – confident, charismatic, lyrical and technically sophisticated and especially with a clear vision. Her new album Stillness in Wonderland is re-affirming that the 21st century does not play the cathegory game of male vs. female rap. She doesn´t need any special treatment.

When you finally hear the voice of Little Simz in the opening track LMPD, you get the feeling that it comes somewhere from the above. Twenty-two-years-old artist from Islington quickly mastered her cathedral balefulness, we´re used to hear from her British colleague Ghostpoet. Altough Little Simz is not the most brutal rapper in the world, concious of her songs she sound as urgent as socially-themed records of the contemporary rap king Kendrick Lamar. Yet, this is not the only parallel between the two. With their sound, both refer to the jazz tradition and p-funk juiciness and on their last albums both put emphasis on building a strong atmosphere. Unlike Lamar´s acclaimed album To Pimp a Butterfly, Simz´ album sticks together even thanks to a sensitive blending of moods and great hosts, such as in track King of Hearts with the duo Chip and Getts. Those of you who liked to her last album released two years ago – A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons – can look forward Little Simz who again jumped few steps higher.

The album Stillness in Wonderland is available also on Spotify.



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