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Cloud Nothings: Life Without Sound

„Teenage angst has paid off well | Now I´m bored and old.“ sang a quarter-century-ago Kurt Cobain on the album In Utero. Twenty-five-years-old Dylan Baldi, the head of indie-rock band Cloud Nothings from Ohio, still has a right to rage. On his album Life Without Sound he sounds like someone knocking on the gate of adulthood, but actually not knowing whether he wants to enter. The feelings of alienation, futility, existential crisis…all of these are ingredients that perfectly match the staccato guitar riffs, while Baldi tries to scream off his dejection as much as possible.

Cloud Nothings were always very close to 90s emo-rock heroes such as Jimmy Eat World, repeated slogans from Internal World or Sight Unseen reminding the best times of Weezer. The least predictable are still Baldi and co., when the clear rage wins over hymn-tones. Two final songs Strange Year and Realize My Fate mix noise walls, oppressive claustrophobia with throaty screams. Whether there is a space for 90s emo-rock in 2017, then only while this authentically intense and uncompromising. „I believe in something bigger | But what I can’t articulate | I find it hard to realize my fate“ he sings in the last song of the album. Dates vary, feelings remain.





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