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The whole Czech Republic is One World!

This week, in Prague and thirty-two other towns throughout the Czech Republic, the human rights documents will be introduced. The One World Festival was launched on Monday the 6th of March in Prague with The Good Postman – a movie from the environment of small village on the border of Bulgaria and Turkey. Like the postman Ivan, also other thousands of characters of other One World movies deal with the moral dilemma and problematic issues of cooperation, integration policy or the actions of so called Islamic State. The cooperation is the main theme of this year´s festival.

Also this years well-known categories cannot be missed – International Competition and the Right to Know categories will show sophisticated documents from all the corners of the world commented by interesting guests. This year the festival will welcome Zaradasht Ahmed, the director of stunning movie Nowhere to Hide, that through a small handheld camera follows the escape or Iraqi man Núrí from the Islamic state. Anna Zamecka, the creator of the Polish Communion – a movie about the early adolescensce of fourteen-year-old Oly who is taking care of her autistic brother – is another of the many guests. Classic categories will be complemented by thematic blocks: Who is Normal Here? – challenging the traditional view of normality; Journeys to Freedom – documenting the situation in countries where People in Need operates; So-called Civilisation – unifying the images of disastrous impact of excessive consumption on the environment; or new category Vote for Change! – reflecting the rise of populism in the world with images from Italy, Greece or Turkey. The film screenings are accompanied by other rich program of discussions, meetings with filmmakers or programs for schools. The One World Festival offers photo exhibition of blind photographers or to put on virtual reality glasses in one of the seven special projections. The viewers will then find themselves in a confinement of high security prison or will experience a gradual loss of vision. Thanks to a new category – Czech Competition – Czech movies will appear before the international jury, that should help the presentation of Czech documentary movies at international festivals. The visitors will have a unique chance to see the Czech Lion Award winning movie Normal Autistic Film; in the world premiere Epidemic of Freedom by Tereza Reichová dealing with the topic of child vaccinations; or Children Online by Kateřina Hager.
The complete program of One World can be seen here.



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