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Jesca Hoop: Memories Are Now

Digitization has killed remembering, theorists warn the Internet era and a question is coming to mind: What are the memories today, when everything can be recorder or stored? Similar thoughts probably attack the British singer Jesca Hoop on her fifth studio album Memories Are Now. Everyday life interwoven by virtual identities is shown without all the romance – in the Animal Kingdom Chaotic the characters behave like machines and the „computer says no“, while in almost apocalyptic Cut Connection People without the connections change into groping zombies. Havent´s we lose the ability to remember the humanity itself?

The protective hands were held by Tom Waits, Iron and Wine or Guy Garvey from Elbow. After decades of recording, Jesca Hoop has still a bit closer to the „cult“ than regural pop glory. A new wave of girls with guitars headed by Mitski or Angel Olsen could help her. But on Memories Are Now she has no problem to wrap up the songs to artpop arranges /Cut Connection, Unsaid); by far she excells the most in folk simplicity as in the song about dying love called Pegasi. Something ends, but beaufiful memories remain. And there is no need tor store them somewhere on the internet „cloud“.



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