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Spoon : Hot Thoughts

In the recent years indie rock seems to have several faces – sophisticated, predatory and experimental. Each of them is individually doing quite well, but only a handful of bands can link various shades of contemporary guitar music into a meaningful whole. One of them is Spoon from Texas, who have never had a problem of mixing juicy rock’n’roll with sophisticated methods of art-rock and bewitching moods.

Since the mid-nineties they realeased several albums and since the beginning of the new millennium they are among the genre cream of society. Even the ninth album Hot Thoughts will not endanger their supreme position. Spoon conceived their indie rock as dance music album, that has to bring joy. The frontman of Spoon – Britt Daniel – has said that the arrangement of the new album was heavily affected by last year´s deaths of David Bowie and Prince. However, they definitely do not grieve over deaths of the legends, but draw from their lively heritage. In Daniel´s voice you can hear Bowie´s rudeness as well as Prince´ spontaneity. The introductory and at the same time title track is sex-eager 80s funk; Do I Have to Talk You Into It is a ballad of a wolf; I Ain´t the One is a beautiful song about a broken heart with a retro synthesizer beat. If the aforementioned legends have met on an ablum, it would probably never go better than this one.



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