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Addictions of Trainspotting

After 20 years, T2 Trainspotting is coming as a continuation of the notorius heroin movie from 1996 with an answer for the outcomes of heroin addiction. Directed again by Danny Boyle. T2 Trainspotting is certainly not as striking, iconic and controversial as the original Trainspotting, but yet is not akward or tedious as it often happens with second episodes. T2 probably cannot make sense without the knowledge of the previous episode, because quiet frankly it does not make much sense as a stand-alone movie as well. Nevertheless, it is a very respectful and great epilogue of the movie story, that preceeded it and that set the bar really high. 

This time the heroes are not connected by the physical addiction to the drug, but a very strong addiction and clinging to the past – the main theme of the movie is nostalgia. The movie is from the beginning supplemented by soft flashbacks to the days of the first movie, but also to the childhoods of main protagonists. The story nostalgically includes all the favourite characters, so the viewer can enjoy a good load of sentiments when he sees where (not too surprisingly) Renton, Spud, Sick Boy and Begbie moved in lives. Mark Renton, who was captured in the first episode by twenty-five-years-old Ewan McGregor as a cynical narrator and guide of the heroin´ world is the main character and the target of revenge, but the real drama is taken by someone else. The epicenter of the constructed story and the narrator becomes the most persistent bum Spud. Ewen Bremmer has depicted Spud perfectly in all his tragicomedy, with the astonished and somehow cute expression, that has not changed an inch since the 1990s. The brutal profanity of the first part, as was the unforgettable horror scene of the crawling child on the ceiling or Spud´s bedsheet „incident“ were replaced by rather dreamy visions, shadows and images full of nostalgia. Visually T2 Trainspotting does not hesitate to venture into contemporary action scenes, yet with large empty units and stopped scenes continues to quote and refer to the original movie in all its solid colors that has just been moved into a new location. It could almost be said that the minor character of the movie is Edinburgh, captured in all its glory and staggering modernity, associated with new stores, cars, lights and trams. Like people, places are changing as the movie demonstrates and so it is with soccer and music. The soundtrack is traditionally brilliant – besides great and catchy new songs as Young Father or Wolf Alice, the movie also includes the classic trainspotting´ tracks in a new guise. And so the famous Born Slippy by Underworld becomes Slow Slippy. Iconic Lust for Life by Iggy Pop, the remix by Prodigy.



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