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Future Islands: The Far Field

When three years ago, the singer Samuel T. Herring went a bit crazy 🙂 during his rehearsal of Seasons (Waiting for You) in live stream of David Letterman, his meme was almostly instantly shown on Internet which helped his great song to popularize. Baltimore´ Future Islans deserve such breakthrough, it was not a viral-fast-track but a cult band for years mixing in a distinctive was synthpop and indierock.

The fifth studio album, The Far Field currently begins the second decade of their existence and follows on a previous great album Singles. Sometimes maybe too much. Future Islands have never belonged to the most original bands, their music index is somewhat limited and even on The Far Field they sound like New Order mixed with Pixies. Even in a good will, the christened produced John Congleton could not help the minimalist arrangments. Fortunately, Samuel T. Herring tries to breathe some drama into the microphone and singles like Ran or Cave continue where the hit Season has ended. The real beand is the single Shadows – a duet with Debbie Harry (Blondie). In which Herring expresses his break-out-deprresion and tries to learn to live fully again. Finally, „shadows are just shadows“ and waht else is left to us than to live on.



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