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Kelly Lee Owens: Kelly Lee Owens

It began with the collection of albums of the British diva Kate Bush and continued with the work of two prestigious London vinyl stores. The singer Kelly Lee Owens does not hide, she was being ignorant about some of the genres of electronic music before, yet she corrected her mistake in style. At the end of March her long-running debut came out, contributing to an imaginary debate about the image of songwriting at the time of erasing the boundaries between musical genres.

You don´t have to be a fan of dance music to be taken by this captivating eponymous debut of the Welsh singer. Kelly Lee Owens, who after years in guitar bands began to experiment with her own production, amazes with her warm vocal and meditative beats, drawing inspiration from hypnotic techno songs. Her subtle songs may not make you dance, but Kelly Lee Owens managed to built up an impressive atmosphere thanks to which you will lose the notion of time. She had been waiting for her debut up to her twenty-eight´ birthday. This is perhaps the reason why her current record has a sophisticated and confident look and sound. It can be likely expected that the name of Kelly Lee Owens will appear among this year´s nomination for the most prestigious British Mercury Prize.



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