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Harry Styles: Harry Styles

The successful British boyband One Direction is giving itself a pause and individual members go out to the world with their solo performances. After Zayn, who has made his way to the alternative R&B through his debut, another member comes – Harry Styles. However, those who have been waiting for an atack of the digital ladder pop will be surprised – on his eponymous first album, the twenty-three-year-old Styles stylized himself into a role of rock God.

It is obvious from the first single – the bombastic orchestral ballad Sign of The Times, that could well be the cover of some of the forgotten David Bowie´ single from the 1970s. The rest of the album as well flows in the spirit of references to rock classics – Only Angel reminds us of Rolling Stones, ballad Ever Since New York with its acoustic guitar of Sheryl Crow and juicy Carolina could be easily written by Aerosmith. Actually it´s not such a shock. One Direction have always been a product for all generations and the time-tested „Daddy Rock“ has formed the backbone of their repertoire. Covers of unwritten songs of rock classics do not have any effect on Styles´ debut; yet his transformation into a torn rebeled, tortured by the state of the world and its own mind is something very hard to believe. And the simple texts do not help it. Sooner or later, Styles will have to take off his mask an be himself.



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