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Woodyfier: The sound of nature

The Czech manufacturer of the new portable speaker – Woodyfier – does not mention the maximum battery life, the infinite number of connections or drivers. The speaker is more like a wooden resonator!

In the mid of 2014, the idea of almost unbreakable long-lasting loudpspeaker was born in the head of Lukáš Morávek. Together with professionals in the field of musical instruments, they began to think about the correct use of materials, key details and the production of special tools and technologies. Woodyfier is a 350g weighing wooden block, that diffuses the sound coming from speakers of mobile phones. Wake Woodyfier up to life by insterting any phone into a cut-out hole that enhances the sound to the sides of the block, mainly thanks to its hand-crafted details. The resonator is made of alder, oak, ash and newly of iroko; in natural or varnished form. Creative souls can paint the speaker to any colour. Avior also offers engraving of any symbol, logo or text on the speaker’s body itself. As the manufacturer mentions: „The Woodyfier is light, sturdy and you would really have to try hard to destroy it. Compared to a regular loudspeaker, the water or a fall from the table cannot endanger it.“ It is logically waterproof and compatible with every phone on the market.
Dimensions: 38x12x12cm.

Despite the fact, that Woodyfier has been on the market for a while, it was ranked as 3rd Best Product of this years Prague Design Week.
The resulting sound, of course, cannot be compared with the classic portable speaker of Danish Vifa, but give it a chance!

Price: 1499,- incl. VAT. For more information visit



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