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Mac DeMarco: This Old Dog

The most popular Canadian vagabond Mac DeMarco has a simple recipe for glory. The twenty-seven-year-old singer just simply does what he likes the most – drinks cheap beer, hangs around the studio, smokes a great number of Viceroys and films obscure and incredily funny video clips. No wonder, his third studio album This Old Dog has become one of the most anticipated guitar records of this year.

Millennials, living the everyday life in the virtual world of memes and post-irony simply love the devine rascal DeMarco. His flannel shirts, analog synths and worn T-shirts are embodied in ancient times. DeMarco´s work is sometimes reffered to as „dad rock“ and it really is not possible to overshadow his liking in the songs of Paul Simon, Harry Nilsson or Neil Young. But it would be hard to impress the generation of today´s teenagers and sell one concert after another, including the one that will také place in Prague´s Meetfactory in August. On his third album This Old Dog, he again presents an ideal soundtrack for lazy Sunday afternoons spent with friend on a deck in the park, cooking on a cottage or sleeping out the hangover. Next to Briting singer King Krule and Mac DeMarco you would hardly be able to find a songwriter, whose songs fall on the listener with the ease of snowflakes, not letting him leave the range of liberating nostalgia, yet being able to avoid the spasmodic sentimentality.




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