SmetanaQ: The Center of Czech Design

In the second half of 2016 we were invited to realize an audiovisual solution for the project on the Smetana que in Prague. The building, damaged by the gas explosion in 2013, underwent an extensive reconstruction and renovation works in cooperation with the Qarta architectural studio. The building interiors hide the concept of shared space of the designer´s studios, café and design shop Deelive. The third floor serves as a conference room and gallery.

Multifunctional halls are always a challenge in terms of audio, video and acoustic solution. That´s why we have designed a professional solution with BSS processor, that can be used by non-professionals and still meet all the current trends. In the main conference room it was necessary to adjust the room´s acoustics. An echo would degrade even the greatest audio system and a longer lecture or talk would cause an unwanted fatigue for the viewers and speakers as well. We used finely colored acoustic ceiling boards that fit the raw appearance of the walls and space.

The audiovisual system covers the whole area of several rooms and can serve as s single zone as well as several separate ones. The system can be easily controlled by an application in tablet – the staff can adjust the volume of microphones, ambient music and video production during the event. Thus, this solution eliminates the need of a professional sound engineer or technician for every event. For the gallery operation, there are volume and switch control panels on walls. The staff working in the gallery does not need to understand the setting in the tablet and can simply play an ambient music directly in the room. For connecting external devices there are several connecting points. Therefore, the variability in the use is really great and the possibilities of holding different events is not limited.

The Design Center SmetanaQ is open to public. Right now you can visit an exhibition Linie. By the way, the tech-loaded space is also for rent!

Used equipment:
BSS Blu 100
JBL Control HST
BSS Contrio EC-4BV
AKG microphones
CROWN amplifiers


Photo by Tomáš Polák

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