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Czech Film Foundation: Hope for Czech classics

The Czech Film Foundation is the first Czech organization, that systematically focuses on the digital restoration of films. The world trend started in 2011 with the realization of the film Markéta Lazarová at the iniciative of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival. The world premiere of the „improved“ Vláčil´ movie gave rise to a strong positive response and was the main impuls for the creation of the Czech Film Foundation, which collects funds for the restoration of older cult pictures to be preserved in a great form even for future generations.

The Foundation is involved in several projects in which it supports digital restoration of thematically selected films. The greatest ones are restorations of movies included in the Golden Fund of Czech Cinematography, that includes 200 films. For example the famous Shop on Main Street was presented in a number of sold out screenings during this years festival in Karlovy Vary. The Karlovy Vary Project presents 12 selected films, which the Foundation has decided to process and restore over several consecutive years. During the year, they concentrate on the financial resources for their work that culminates with its premiere on the International Film Festival Karlovy Vary after which the movie is further distributed. In perfect form you can now see the classics as: The Firemen’s Ball, All My Compatriots, Closely Watched Trains and Intimate Lighting. In the upcoming years we can look forward to: Lemonade Joe, The Cremator, Coach to Vienna, Diamonds of the Night, Daisies, „The Long Way“ (Daleká cesta), Christian, The Ear or Cutting It Short.

With the active involvement of the Karel Zeman Museum and Czech Television the project Restoring the World of Fantasy is running. It stands on the idea of digitally restoring the three films of Karel Zeman – the already restored The Fabulous World of Jules Verne, Baron Munchausen and the upcoming Journey into the Primeval Times.

The latest project of the foundation is Jiří Menzel´s Cutting It Short, who with his approach to digital restoration has raised a wave of controversy. The aim of the project is to restore the work in its highest quality with the consultation of its creator and subsequently to present the restored version to the general public in cooperation with the director Jiří Menzel and the cinematograhper Jaromír Šofr.

Digital restoration of films is a financially and time-consuming, but long-term meritorious work. You can support the Foundation by sending DMS or money to their transparent account. For more information, please visit the official website.




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