The Belgian company was founded in 2007 and its products have become a worldwide hit almost immediately. Yet they only respond to the global need to bring silence and style to the office. BuzziSpace designs can be used in any changing environment around the world. BuzziSpace combines aesthetics with noise reduction. Thanks to the noise-absorbing eco-felt BuzziSpace will make your life better in every way.



The BuzziHood is an acoustic cocoon you can hang on the wall. When you’re ‘in the Hood’ you can answer the phone in peace in noisy surroundings.


Do you need privacy, quiet or protection? Thanks to the striking shape and colour, you can make a statement at home or at the office.


XXL and available in tailored sizes: the BuzziBack is the BuzziBoard’s big brother. You can pin all kinds of things to this sound-insulating screen.


The BuzziBoard is a magnetic and sound-insulating memo board that can be attached to metal surfaces or to both sides of a glass wall.

BuzziSkin Cuts

BuzziSkin Cuts are made in shapes of round, square, penta, hexa or plank. Just choose the right combination. Be creative!


The BuzziSkin has everything it takes to make any interior sexy, at home or at work. It is available on handy, self-adhesive rolls 98 cm long.


BuzziTemp funguje jako dočasný pracovní prostor. Přináší do prostoru více dynamiky a vytváří malé ostrůvky, kde se lidé mohou soustředit.


Teplé a příjemné prostředí, kde se lidé setkávají a sdílejí informace. Ústředním bod společenského života Vaší kanceláře.


These inventive BuzziFelt ceiling accessories are designed to partition a big space acoustically and optically. Something you´ve never seen before.


Do you need privacy, quiet or protection? The BuzziCactus is the funniest room divider that deserves to be seen.


A round, sound-insulating panel with a hole in the middle that gives it its tasty name. Tasty by name and tasteful by nature.


There are times when you want to spend some time on your own in peace and quiet. The brand new BuzziMe is the ideal cocoon to get away from it all.


The designer BuzziShade lamp provides lit surroundings in which to conduct your conversation away from prying eyes.


Providing you with all the necessary components to shape your ideal working quarter. Build your village within the city.

BuzziTile 3D

The BuzziTile 3D turns any blind wall into a must-see! Combine shapes and colours for an incomparable effect, thanks to the tiles’ architectonic touch.


To divide a space and create some privacy, the BuzziFalls are a new playful variation in our acoustic solutions gamma.

BuzziHub Open

Like the original, a lounge-like seat is enclosed within a three-walled environment for individual or group privacy in open floor plan environments.


The KidzPuzzle makes sitting a pleasure for your eyes and your bottom. This design pouf is unique, thanks to its form and production process.


The BuzziResoFuser is an acoustic module that chiefly absorbs sound within the spectrum of the speech range.


A felty ‘phone box’ that dampens outside sounds. Now you can have a moment alone even in the noisiest of surroundings.


Acoustic cocoon inspired by train compartments which ensures a private three people meetingroom, without losing contact with the surroundings.

BuzziCube 3D

The BuzziCube 3D makes sitting a pleasure not only for your eyes. Thanks to its form and making process, this pouf becomes unique in its class.


Large office spaces or residential lofts often echo. This is an irritating problem which does little to encourage hard work or make a space cosy.


This workspace divider safeguards your privacy at work or at home. Hide away your cable clutter and computerscreen in an orderly fashion.


The BuzziLight can be placed on the ceiling or the floor. Fuchsia, anthracite or stone grey…BuzziLight lights up any interior!


BuzziBlox is a group of acoustic panels with different depths,developed to tune a room in especially the low and midfrequencies.


Not only does the BuzziDesk safeguard your privacy at work; it keeps out your colleagues’ irritating telephone or computer sounds as well.


Large office spaces or residential lofts often echo. This is an irritating problem which does little to encourage hard work or make a space cosy.


XXL and available in tailored sizes: the BuzziBrickBack is the Brick’s big brother. Made of sliced BuzziFelt in the size and colour-mix you prefer.


The folding screen has come back into fashion with a bang! The BuzziScreen is a flexible room divider with all sorts of advantages.


BuzziSpot will cheer up any space with its feminine contours. The soft textile covering is blissful to sit on whatever you are doing.


BuzziGrid brightens up every meeting room or reception space. The panels can be put together effortlessly in order to create a unique Grid.


Large office spaces or residential lofts often echo. This is an irritating problem which does little to encourage hard work or make a space cosy.


These rotating acoustical blinds are inspired by modernist architecture and the exterior sunshades of modernist buildings designed by Niemeyer.


The BuzziBassTrap is a stackable acoustic element with storage room for light personal items. The ‘chamber’ absorbs low frequency sound.


The BuzziZone is a half-height sound-insulating partition wall that provides a little privacy and peace in your living room or office.


What if your needs could define the function of your furniture? What are you doing? Do you want to sit and relax or do you need a surface to work on?


What if your needs could define the function of your furniture? What are you doing? Do you want to sit and relax or do you need a surface to work on?


It is a small, compact and ergonomically-designed acoustical cocoon. It is a piece you can easily add in any office.


Because of the integrated base the BuzziFree can stand completely on its own and as a single panel divides a room into two parts.

BuzziDesk FlipFlop

These movable and foldable acoustic screens have been designed in order to instantly define a quieter and more personal space on any desktop.


SmetanaQ: The Center of Czech Design

In the second half of 2016 we were invited to realize an audiovisual solution for the project on the Smetana que in Prague. The building, damaged by the gas explosion in 2013...

Recording studio: Talents Room directed by Fullstars

Looking for talent! If you were gifted by any audio talent, we know where to realize it. Newly opened Talents Room in Karlín will drag you to limelight...

Coworking center: Impact Hub Brno

„Hub is an inspirational space for meeting, innovation and business development,“ is the main motto of co-working centers Hub. They can be found in Prague since 2010, in Ostrava and now in Brno.

Restaurant with Fullstars sound

La Bottega Bistroteka is another Prague restaurant, where we implemented a soundsystem.

Fullstars: Soundsystem in Home Kitchen

The combination of delicious food, good drinks and great atmosphere are among the three main factors that lure you back to your favorite restaurant.

Dolby Atmos Home theatre by Fullstars

The theatre conceals the latest audio and video technologies, such as Dolby Atmos and 4K projection...

Recording studio in Davone Ray style

The aim was to create a recording studio with lounge area, serving as a reference theater or listening room...

The HUB Prague conference room

We also provide a professional technical support to the coworking center HUB located in Prague...

The house with a banana: complete AV solution

In close cooperation with architects, we focused on the sound parameters of individual spaces and furniture...

Hanspaulka: Home theatre 7.1 in the living room

The dominant of the flat became a classical home theatre 7.1. We have also installed a small music studio...

Cornlofts in Karlín: Fullstars solution in a modern loft

A new successful Fullstars realization was done in cooperation with architectonic team OOOOX...

Fullstars perspective: Castle living

When living at the castle, one really needs to have a top designed interior. What a challenge for Fullstars team...

5.1 B&W XT projection hall in a living room

The project of the living room in Černošice serves as home theater 1.5 with an elegantly hidden screen...

Multiroom system Podvinný Mlýn

Home theatre, elegantly hidden in a furniture wall serves also as staircase to the first floor...

7.1 cinema Prague – Zbraslav

Another Fullstars project was to create a 7.1 home theater in a historic villa in Zbraslav...

Kozacka Street – Prague

The project was conceived in several zones. The main two are calm and one active, serving as 5.1 home theater...

Eliška Krásnohorská street – Prague

The project focused on the quality of listening to movies and classic music concerts from Blu Ray player...

Na Hřebenkách Street – Prague

The aim of the project was pure design, with high demands on movies and music projection... Copyright Fullstars s.r.o. Všechna práva vyhrazena | website by LBWorks | web crafted by 2046 | RSS