VIFA Reykjavik: New eruption of sound

Hi-FI / Audio

It’s the smallest loudspeaker yet seen in the Vifa range, but nonetheless Reykjavik still has an impressively powerful sound, due to its shape allowing a 360-degree experience. Come to take a listen at Designblok!

Woodyfier: The sound of nature


The Czech manufacturer of the new portable speaker Woodyfier does not mention the maximum battery life, the infinite number of connections or drivers. The speaker is more like a wooden resonator. In the mid of 2014, the idea of almost unbreakable long-lasting loudpspeaker was born in the head of Lukáš Morávek. Together…

The Infinite Light of Texas


Light projected into a mirrored room created seemingly infinite patterns. The installation by Turkish artist Refik Anadol was for the first time introduced at this year’s SXSW festival in…

French elegance: Aëdle ODS-1


For almost a year, Aëdle kept in secret a new product in form of dark and blurry photos. Months of tuning the details and craftsmanship paid off and the French manufacturer of unique and distinctive heaphones is back…

Must see: The unique performance Zářící město


House meetings, flickering TVs, loud neighbours. The dream of Swiss architect Le Corbusier, who considered the Radiant City (Zářící město) as „green living for all“ has faded…


Vifa Oslo: More than meets the eye!


Oslo is the latest portable speaker of the Danish manufacturer Vifa. Like its siblings, Oslo will amaze you by its bright colours, surprising textures, shapes and authentic sound…

Roosegaarde: Dutch Laboratory of Interactive World


Studio Roosegaarde is a laboratory of Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde, in which he operates together with a team of designers and engineers. During its scope, the studio has created…

Music driven by hundreds of marbles


For many years, the Swedish musician Martin Molin has been engaged in music production on glockenspiel, traktofon or Theremin. But now, he topped his musical prowess…

The path to victory: Charred wood and concrete


Annually, the international competition Staged Design Award is attended by students from German and Czech universities. For the third time, the Dresden studio Paulsberg has…



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