VIFA Reykjavik: New eruption of sound

Hi-FI / Audio

It’s the smallest loudspeaker yet seen in the Vifa range, but nonetheless Reykjavik still has an impressively powerful sound, due to its shape allowing a 360-degree experience. Come to take a listen at Designblok!

(CZ) Akustik wanted!

Hi-FI / Audio

(CZ) Pro naší dynamicky se rozvíjející divizi akustických materiálů hledáme schopného kolegu do týmu na dlouhodobou spolupráci. Pro začátek spíše na občasné projekty jako…

News from Amphion: Argon 3S!

Hi-FI / Audio

Finnish Amphion is not only a manufacturer of loudspeakers for home use, but is known also for its products utilized in recording studios…

Epson EH-LS10000: laser 4K projector

Hi-FI / Home theatre

The first EPSON laser projector with 4K technology is now available also in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the light source, which uses a dual laser…

Linn Series 5: New chameleon speakers?

Hi-FI / Audio

New speakers of the Scotish manufacturer Linn will easily blend in and match your home decor or make a bold statement piece…

Tweaks for your ears: SPACE OPTIMISATION

Hi-FI / Audio

When you decide to invest in a high-end music system, your room should not have such a big say in what you hear. Remove the unwanted distorting effects of your listening environment and reveal the true sound of the music. The characteristics of your room affect the sound you hear.

BarBox: Jukebox of the new generation

Hi-FI / Audio

Have you heard of the modern jukebox? Those of you who imagine a flashing box, standing in the corner of the pub, are mistaken. It is a new service and application, which you can try not only in Prague pubs, but also in Pilsen, Liberec, Brno and other Czech cities.

TIDAL: News in music streaming

Hi-FI / Audio

Combining the best High Fidelity sound quality, High Definition music videos, interesting facts about your favorite artists and their recordings – that´s TIDAL.

NEOX: New series of Czech speakers

Hi-FI / Audio

The Czech speakers manufacturer – Xavian – has introduced a new product series of purely cubic shapes. It is a comprehensive set of speakers, where in addition to the basic floorstanding loudspeaker NEOX2 and bookshelf speaker NEOX1, you will also find center speaker NEOXC1 and long-awaited completely new subwoofer NEOXS1.



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