Epson EH-LS10000: laser 4K projector

Hi-FI / Home theatre

The first EPSON laser projector with 4K technology is now available also in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the light source, which uses a dual laser…

Introducing: Dolby Atmos for home theaters

Hi-FI / Home theatre

One of the most important elements of home theatres is in addition to image, of course the sound. Did you know, that the concept of 3D is no longer used only in connection to the image, but also to the sound? We introduce you the new Dolby Atmos for home theater!

Home cinema

Hi-FI / Home theatre

Film fans know very well, that watching movies in the living room cannot be compared to the delight of watching in their own home cinema.

Invisible Home Theatre: part 3

Hi-FI / Home theatre

Apart from hidden speakers, about which we wrote in our previous article, it is necessary to also hide other elements of the home theater. But where to hide the screen or projector?

Invisible Home Theatre: part 2

Hi-FI / Home theatre

In a previous article, we have shown you how to hide a high-quality sound into walls. Another option is a solution, which we call “a playing wall”. It is a perfectly invisible speaker, that will not disrupt the design and style of your home.

The trend of recent years: the invisible home theatre and hi-fi systems

Hi-FI / Home theatre

Did you know, that the home theatre or hi-fi system can be invisible and yet play perfectly? In Fullstars we dedicate our work to such projects and so we would like to share our experience with you. To make the home theater really invisible it is necessary to hide the speakers, screen and projector. There are numerous ways of doing this. In the next few posts we will guide you through those, which turned out to be the best.

Epson EH-TW9100W: the real Full HD wireless system

Hi-FI / Home theatre

The Epson brand is proud to be one of the high-end producers of projectors. Moreover, with their patents the Epson is way ahead. This can all be said about the highest model EH-TW9100W.

Loewe Connect ID: your personalised TV

Hi-FI / Home theatre

Loewe Connect ID is a 2012 flagship of a company whose products are synonyms for connection of perfect design and latest technologies.

Celebrity home theatres or Where Michael Jackson used to look out from…

Hi-FI / Home theatre

Looking for inspiration for your home theater? See from which couch Michael Jackson watched his favourite movies or where Lance Armstrong watches a breath-taking finishes of Tour de France now…



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