Xavian launches a brand new website

Hi-FI / Audio

Our favourite creator of loudspeakers has a brand new “web outfit”…

Fullstars perspective: Castle living

Hi-FI / Home theatre

When living at the castle, one really needs to have a top designed interior. What a challenge for Fullstars team…

Home cinemas that you will (luckily) never own

Hi-FI / Home theatre

Cinemas from the DigsDigs.com are a sample of good, mediocre a sometimes quite weird style…

How does 3D work and what does Obama really see through his glasses

Hi-FI / Home theatre

A lot has been already said about 3D projection. Most of us don´t get how it actually works. Let us explain…

Brand new Optoma ThemeScene HD83

Hi-FI / Home theatre

Just a week after introducing 3D projector HD33 we have here another new 3D model ThemeScene HD83.

5.1 B&W XT projection hall in a living room

Hi-FI / Home theatre

The project of the living room in Černošice serves as home theater 1.5 with an elegantly hidden screen…

Multiroom system Podvinný Mlýn

Hi-FI / Home theatre

Home theatre, elegantly hidden in a furniture wall serves also as staircase to the first floor…

7.1 cinema Prague – Zbraslav

Hi-FI / Home theatre

Another Fullstars project was to create a 7.1 home theater in a historic villa in Zbraslav…

Kozacka Street – Prague

Hi-FI / Home theatre

The project was conceived in several zones. The main two are calm and one active, serving as 5.1 home theater…



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