Distant and yet brutal Thelma

Culture / Movie

Cold-blooded erotic horror full of lesbian intimity and religious symbolism can undoubtedly be considered a film event of this autumn. Thelma screams for attention from the very beginning; the classic whistling scene, when dad…

Celebrating 20 years of French Film Festival!

Culture / Movie

The jubilee will be celebrated by 120-year-old restored short films of the Lumiér brothers or by a pre-premier of Fearful, a movie about the life of one of the most famous French cinematographers Jean-Luc Godard…

Czech Film Foundation: Hope for Czech classics

Culture / Movie

The Czech Film Foundation is the first Czech organization, that systematically focuses on the digital restoration of films. The world trend started in 2011 with the realization of the film…

Colonnade, movies and parties – 52nd Karlovy Vary!

Culture / Movie

It´s here! The 52nd International Film Festival starting this Friday, June 30th! Like every year, film fans, world journalists, filmmakers and actors will be coming to the biggest Czech…

To the movies to see The Last Family. Now!

Culture / Movie

The director’s debut of thirty-three-years-old Jan P. Matusyznski – The Last Family – is a brutally realistic probe into a family life on the premises of two small block apartments. In one lives an elderly painter with his wife, camera and two old ladies. In the second their problematic son, who tries to commit suicide in more or less…

The Bittersweet Zookeeper´s Wife

Culture / Movie

The owners of the zoo, who during the Second World War saved more than 300 Jews are the heroes of the true story transformed into a film adaptation. The Zookeeper´s Wife, a movie of New Zealand director Niki Caro, has all…

The Most Beloved and Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki

Culture / Movie

The main figure of the movie is the eponymous Finn, coming from a small village, who after winning the European Championship in light weight gets into roundabouts of the city, training, sponsors and media…

The whole Czech Republic is One World!

Culture / Movie

This week, in Prague and thirty-two other towns throughout the Czech Republic, the human rights documents will be introduced. The One World Festival was launched on Monday the 6th of March in Prague…

Addictions of Trainspotting

Culture / Movie

After 20 years, T2 Trainspotting is coming as a continuation of the notorius heroin movie from 1996 with an answer for the outcomes of heroin addiction. Directed again by Danny Boyle. T2 Trainspotting is certainly…



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