Colonnade, movies and parties – 52nd Karlovy Vary!

Culture / Movie

It´s here! The 52nd International Film Festival starting this Friday, June 30th! Like every year, film fans, world journalists, filmmakers and actors will be coming to the biggest Czech…

Mac DeMarco: This Old Dog

Culture / Music

The most popular Canadian vagabond Mac DeMarco has a simple recipe for glory. The twenty-seven-year-old singer just simply does what he likes the most – drinks cheap beer, hangs around…

Harry Styles: Harry Styles

Culture / Music

The successful British boyband One Direction is giving itself a pause and individual members go out to the world with their solo performances. After Zayn, who has made his way to the alternative R&B through his debut, another member comes – Harry Styles. However, those who have been waiting for an atack of the digital…

Future Islands: The Far Field

Culture / Music

When three years ago, the singer Samuel T. Herring went a bit crazy during his rehearsal of Seasons (Waiting for You) in live stream of David Letterman, his meme was almostly instantly shown on Internet which helped his great song to popularize. Baltimore´ Future Islans deserve such breakthrough…

Kelly Lee Owens: Kelly Lee Owens

Culture / Music

(CZ) Začalo to u sbírky desek britské divy Kate Bush a pokračovalo přes práci v dvou prestižních londýnských vinylových obchodech. Zpěvačka Kelly Lee Owens se netají tím, že byla dříve vůči některým žánrům elektronické hudby ignorantská, svou chybu ale napravila ve velkém stylu..

Spoon : Hot Thoughts

Culture / Music

In the recent years indie rock seems to have several faces – sophisticated, predatory and experimental. Each of them is individually doing quite well, but only a handful of bands can link various shades of contemporary guitar…

Jesca Hoop: Memories Are Now

Culture / Music

Digitization has killed remembering, theorists warn the Internet era and a question is coming to mind: What are the memories today, when everything can be recorder or stored? Similar thoughts probably attack…

Jens Lekman: Life Will See You Now

Culture / Music

Multivariate human characters have always been the central theme of songs of the Swedish singer-songwriter Jens Lenkman. Considerable space was devoted to strong female characters, who are better in crisis situations…

Cloud Nothings: Life Without Sound

Culture / Music

„Teenage angst has paid off well | Now I´m bored and old.“ sang a quarter-century-ago Kurt Cobain on the album In Utero. Twenty-five-years-old Dylan Baldi, the head of indie-rock band Cloud Nothings from Ohio, still has…



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