Cloud Nothings: Life Without Sound

Culture / Music

„Teenage angst has paid off well | Now I´m bored and old.“ sang a quarter-century-ago Kurt Cobain on the album In Utero. Twenty-five-years-old Dylan Baldi, the head of indie-rock band Cloud Nothings from Ohio, still has…

I, Daniel Black: Social drama as from guide

Culture / Movie

A mix of sadness, anger and hopelesness is served in the new social drama of Ken Loach. The veteran British director, who for several decades keeps shooting more and more stories of ordinary human life…

Opposed Allies

Culture / Movie

The latest movie by the director of Back to the Future, Forrest Gump or Flight is in cinemas and the audience can´t wait for the wonderful Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt with a new facelift in lead roles. The drama…

Bonobo: Migration

Culture / Music

Although Simon Green is only forty-years-old, he already became THE electronic veteran. Under the banner of soloproject Bonobo, he realeased his debut album Animal Magic seventeen year ago and since then…

12th Prague Shorts!

Culture / Movie

Yesterday, the 12th edition of Prague Short Film Festival started – the parade of the most interesting and best short films of the past year. The program includes movies that are so good, that you do not want to miss; so short…

SOHN: Rennen

Culture / Music

Years ago, an English electronic producer SOHN (Christopher Taylor) escaped from rainy London to Vienna and the Austrian capital has only its positive effect on him. Not that he would start listening to opera…

Paterson and the poetry of everyday life

Culture / Movie

Paterson is a name of the main character, as well as the city in New Jersey, in where day after day a nice, slow and ordinary life goes on. The new movie of Jim Jarmusch shows a very neglected and yet simple…

Little Simz: Stillness in Wonderland

Culture / Music

Two years ago, the crowded Prague´s club Chapeau Rouge waited for her concert for more than hour, but once she flew onto the stage, all was forgiven. Little Simz is a rap article of the highest quality…

Passengers, or the Titanic in Space?

Culture / Movie

Chriss Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence – the most beautiful and trendy acting couple of Hollywood – alone on one spaceship? More sexy premise for a science fiction movie a man cannot ask for. When traveling into…



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