Steve Hauschildt: Strands

Culture / Music

Water is our everyday commonplace and necessary element… But above the biochemical plane there is the age-old fascination with its fluid nature, which did not let sleep the impressionist painters and torn poets.

Unbelievable spectacle: Hacksaw Ridge

Culture / Movie

Desmond Doss, the US soldier, who promised God he will never use a gun and who did not break the promise even in the service of the homeland – heartbreaking and pathetic true story, that could not be directed by…

Lambchop: Flotus

Culture / Music

In the contemporary alternative rock scene, the affable and beary voice of Kurt Wagner belongs to the most iconic. When this 52-year-old singer decides to plunge him into vocoderious effect, he should have at least…

Egon Schiele and his women

Culture / Movie

Wine, cigarettes, paintings and women accompanied him all his life. And about women of Egon Schiele is a movie, that will premiere in Czech cinemas next week. More than historically accurate and biographical, the movie is…

Lady Gaga: Joanne

Culture / Music

The raw meat dress is apparently past, Lady Gaga would like to be taken as a serious rock musician. After a flop album ArtPop the American singer dramatically changes her image and on her fourth studio album…

American Honey: Love, life, money and America

Culture / Movie

America as a nation of fulfilled dreams, Shia LeBoeuf as a sexy homeless and a story of one carefree van of futile teenagers. Possitive reviews and the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival indicate the craft qualities of the…

Katarzia: Agnostika

Culture / Music

Folk-singers, except for egomaniacs as Mark Kozelek, have common feature of fragile confidence, which stems from a sensitivity to the surrounding world. Only few from the Czechoslovak pond can transform weaknes into such…

The movie of the year? Toni Erdmann!

Culture / Movie

German comedy about a mad old man and his workaholic daughter is taking place in Romania and would probably be the last tip of this year´s most entertaining movies. Toni Erdmann, of German director Maren Ade…

Solange: A Seat at the Table

Culture / Music

The singer Solange Knowles has been in the shadow of her famous sister Beyoncé for many years. Nevertheless, from the thankless role of „the other,“ Solange made a benefit and decided to give up on the pop charts…



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