Ridiculously sad life in Radio Dreams

Culture / Movie

What it looks like in a miniature American radio station broadcasting in Persian, the day Metallica is coming? As in Radio Dreams: acrimonious, weird, absurd, little sad and pretty funny…

Bon Iver: 22, A Million

Culture / Music

For millennials, For Emma, Forever Ago – the debut album of singer-songwriter Justin Vernon, famous for the project Bon Iver – has become a generational mental balm. The album, published nearly a decade ago…

Be2Can: A Unique Tour of Festival Films!

Culture / Movie

Unusual and striking name shortens to one word the name of the three largest film festivals: Venice (Benátky), Berlinale and Cannes. And starting next week, Be2Can will bring the best of these three festivals to Prague, …

Gonjasufi: Callus

Culture / Music

For a long time he wrung his MPC sampler and wrote raps under pseudonym Sumach Valentine. Nevertheless, hosting on the second album of Californian producer Flying Lotus…

Lazer Viking/Sabrehart: Flesh Cadillac

Culture / Music

Kuba Kaifosz is a well know figure of the Czech music scene, at least among people looking for an energetic guitar band like Prague rockabilly-punk band Wild Tides…

Will Butler: Friday Night Live

Culture / Music

Regarding the publicity, Will Butler has always remained in the shadow of his older brother Win. Their merit on Arcade Fire becoming one of the biggest rock band of nowadays, is equal…

Reality beyond the reality

Culture / Movie

The latest movie of the French director Quentin Dupieux aptly named Reality infatuated many critics. Like his previous movies, Wrong or Rubber, Reality abounds brilliantly…

The Slow and the Furious: Microbe and Gasoline

Culture / Movie

Michel Gondry – the director of loved and hated shots like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Science of Sleep, or Mood Indigo – comes with a new film: Microbe and Gasoline…

Umimachi Diary: Different in every way

Culture / Movie

The movie, in which nothing happens, but is still exciting to watch even after 128 minutes. Umimachi Diary is the latest achievement of director Hirokazu Koreeda…



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