Gold Class


What is so gold about Gold Class?

The perfect THX certified acoustics and audio system in Dolby Atmos format will play movies and music as the authors created them. Laser 4K projection offers the ultimate visual perception. All of this, in your home, behind the door through which you will not hear even your own children.



Gold Class is designed to truly spoil you. Besides the perfect sound and image, you can choose from a number of seating options: classical, massage or 4D chairs with vibrations by film tracks. You cannot miss a small bar with kitchen, popcorn maker, coffee maker, wine celar and humidor for cigars. Invite your friend, order tapas and enjoy the evening!
Separate cinema room allows you to fully exploit the potential of the technology and can offer much more. With built-in speakers and technology inside the rack, you will not be afraid to leave the kids in the room. You will see that playing games on a big screen with full and strong sound eventually grabs also yourself.


Room acoustics

When creating the home cinema, it is necessary to rethink many construction details. It is not just that the sound must be reproduced in high quality and without unwanted reflections and resonances. The cinema should not disturb other residents in the building, while the every day life in the house should not be heard inside the theater. So if your project includes home theater, be sure to contact us already at the stage of studies of the house, so we have the opportunity to plan everything the best was possible.





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If you want to listen intently to music and love art movies or recording of concerts, we would rather recommend the classic solitaire front speakers.

Other devices can be placed in a rack cabinet. All available audio-video devices can be operated remotely over IP, RS232 or IR.








What formats does Fullstars home cinema offer

Simply all. Watch movies in 4K image with Dolby Atmos sound. Stream your favorite services like Tidal, Spotify, Deazer. Play movies from online rentals. Connect your iPhone via Air Play, or play vinyls on a gramophone. With Fullstars, you are never limited.


loga formatu

Come to Fullstars showroom and experience the entire system yourself. You will be amazed!

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SmetanaQ: The Center of Czech Design

In the second half of 2016 we were invited to realize an audiovisual solution for the project on the Smetana que in Prague. The building, damaged by the gas explosion in 2013...

Recording studio: Talents Room directed by Fullstars

Looking for talent! If you were gifted by any audio talent, we know where to realize it. Newly opened Talents Room in Karlín will drag you to limelight...

Coworking center: Impact Hub Brno

„Hub is an inspirational space for meeting, innovation and business development,“ is the main motto of co-working centers Hub. They can be found in Prague since 2010, in Ostrava and now in Brno.

Restaurant with Fullstars sound

La Bottega Bistroteka is another Prague restaurant, where we implemented a soundsystem.

Fullstars: Soundsystem in Home Kitchen

The combination of delicious food, good drinks and great atmosphere are among the three main factors that lure you back to your favorite restaurant.

Dolby Atmos Home theatre by Fullstars

The theatre conceals the latest audio and video technologies, such as Dolby Atmos and 4K projection...

Recording studio in Davone Ray style

The aim was to create a recording studio with lounge area, serving as a reference theater or listening room...

The HUB Prague conference room

We also provide a professional technical support to the coworking center HUB located in Prague...

The house with a banana: complete AV solution

In close cooperation with architects, we focused on the sound parameters of individual spaces and furniture...

Hanspaulka: Home theatre 7.1 in the living room

The dominant of the flat became a classical home theatre 7.1. We have also installed a small music studio...

Cornlofts in Karlín: Fullstars solution in a modern loft

A new successful Fullstars realization was done in cooperation with architectonic team OOOOX...

Fullstars perspective: Castle living

When living at the castle, one really needs to have a top designed interior. What a challenge for Fullstars team...

5.1 B&W XT projection hall in a living room

The project of the living room in Černošice serves as home theater 1.5 with an elegantly hidden screen...

Multiroom system Podvinný Mlýn

Home theatre, elegantly hidden in a furniture wall serves also as staircase to the first floor...

7.1 cinema Prague – Zbraslav

Another Fullstars project was to create a 7.1 home theater in a historic villa in Zbraslav...

Kozacka Street – Prague

The project was conceived in several zones. The main two are calm and one active, serving as 5.1 home theater...

Eliška Krásnohorská street – Prague

The project focused on the quality of listening to movies and classic music concerts from Blu Ray player...

Na Hřebenkách Street – Prague

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